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Our physical gatherings are closed until further notice.

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Services: Sunday morning at 9:30AM on Facebook.

Current Series – 40 Days of Focus: Behold He Comes

The primary purpose of the church community is to live correctly as we wait upon the return of Jesus Christ. The return of Christ is coming and we ought to conduct ourselves in such a way as to please the Lord. God’s Word urges us to refrain particularly from sexual sins, false doctrines and worldly distractions. Today as we walk in the light of God’s Word we are being encouraged not to give up or in, but to have this mindset: We have done well, but we need to do better!

Jesus Christ is the believer’s hope of salvation now and at His second coming. When He returns, He will deliver, reward, perfect, resurrect and sanctify all who trust in Him.

We would love to have you join us during this important season of focus, growing our faith as we listen and respond to His Word.

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“My family and I LOVE this church. The congregation is just the right size, not too big, not too small. You don’t get lost in the sea of people and people are so nice and welcoming. I know this is the church that my Family and I will grow in God and hopefully soon we will be the ones greeting new faces.”
Rebekah Gutierrez

“I am new to the church and I have been made very welcome by many different members there. I am able to worship openly and genuinely which is making a real difference for me. I have been blessed with the worship, the teaching, and the preaching. Thank you all so much! I am looking forward to becoming a member here.”
Sandy Jones

40 Days of Focus: Behold He Comes ... See MoreSee Less

40 Days of Focus: Behold He Comes

19 hours ago

New Hope Christian Fellowship

Devotional Titus 2:13-14 ... See MoreSee Less


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Good Morning, the Axtells are here. Thanks Emblys! Good to see your faces!

Good morning Emblys!

Amen. Thank you stay safe as well

good morning. thank you.

Good Morning!

Good Morning

Good morning

Now we just need a worship set from Nick and Yun 🥳woo hoo

Morning Nick and Yun!! Thanks for today's devotional!

Good evening.... Lil late none the less I'm listening. Thank you Nick and Yun.

Things went well at the killing center today. Get full report on sohlnet's website.

Thank you, Embly Family!

Good morning xo

Good morning Emblys


Thanks. Good to see you!

Thank you!!🥰🥰

Thank you 😊




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40 days of Focus: Behold He Comes ... See MoreSee Less

40 days of  Focus: Behold He Comes

2 days ago

New Hope Christian Fellowship

Good morning! ☀️ read along in this morning’s devotional in John 14:5-6. ... See MoreSee Less


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Good Job Mia, the Axtells are here !

Thanks! You shine with the peace of Jesus!

Good morning sunshine... you’re beautiful inside and out! ❤️

Hi Mia! We love you thanks for sharing.

Hi Mia thanks for the message today🙏🏻❤️

Thank you, Mia!

Good morning

Good Morning!

Thanks Mia!

Thank you!

Jesus only!

Amen thank you

Good morning



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You let the ice cream truck get by. We have not had any ice cream for a couple of months !!!!

Love you, Pastor!

Great idea.

I’m here

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