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In-Person Meetings Have Resumed!

Sunday mornings at 9:00AM on the Green outside service,
and online on Facebook Live.

COVID-19 Update: 

We are meeting outside at this time. Our ushers are seating families and individuals with social distancing in mind. Wear a mask if you are comfortable doing so. Please bring your own outdoor chair.

Current Series: Revelation

“What you have seen- what is now- what will take place later”

Join us as we begin to unpack the book of Revelation!
Have you ever wondered why Christians are so excited about prophecy?
Can God make good on what He has promised? What is going to happen next?
If a storm is coming wouldn’t you want to get ready?
This is the book that comes with the promise, that if you read it you will be blessed!
We would love to have you read along with us. Join Pastor Jeff Axtell as he preaches
through this amazing book and shares how we are to live now in view of what is coming.

“Revelation is hard to understand, but it is impossible to forget!”

Listen to Pastor Jeff Axtell on the Pastor to Pastor Radio Program

Listen to Pastor Jeff Axtell on his weekly program Community Matters. Mondays at 4:30pm on KFIA 710AM or 105.7FM or listen online at

“My family and I LOVE this church. The congregation is just the right size, not too big, not too small. You don’t get lost in the sea of people and people are so nice and welcoming. I know this is the church that my Family and I will grow in God and hopefully soon we will be the ones greeting new faces.”
Rebekah Gutierrez

“I am new to the church and I have been made very welcome by many different members there. I am able to worship openly and genuinely which is making a real difference for me. I have been blessed with the worship, the teaching, and the preaching. Thank you all so much! I am looking forward to becoming a member here.”
Sandy Jones


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God bless you today, Mitch. And blessings to you, Marcos, as you go through your surgery tomorrow.

Yes I’m in a Great Church!!! New Hope!!!!

Awesome Preaching

Good morning sister Dora🙂❤

Thank you and have a great day 🙏❣️


Thank you Pastor!


Good morning church.

He is my Peace!

You are so welcome!

Thank you Pastor Jeff! God Bless.

its back

Morning sis

Lorren Gonzales

Good morning Jeff and the rest of New Hope. May you have a special day today!

Good morning!

Thx Pastor Jeff, May you and everyone have a blessed Jesus Day!

Thank you Pastor Jeff!

Good morning Heff and everyone luv u all

Good morning

Good morning

Good morning

Morning All

Morning pastor

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20 hours ago

New Hope Christian Fellowship

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Thank you! Bless your week. ❤️

I find it's hard to be gentle in heart when I'm holding onto resentment or unforgiveness. I have to deal w tjose sins first before I can live with a gentle heart

Good morning, Cindy!

Morning Cindy 😘

Hi Cindy 🥰


Good morning 🥰

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The parable of the good Samaritan!

God bless you today, Mitch!!

Our church is such a loving, caring church♥️

Good morning wonderful New Hopers!! God bless you today!

Get out there and love today!

Great morning!

Thank you Pastor Jeff

Good morning Mitch

Good morning!

Good morning sis

Good morning!!

Good morning 🌞

Good morning church

Good mornin’

Thank you Pastor!



Amen and thank you! And have a blessed day 🙏❣️

Amen we need to be His hands and feet 🙏🏻

Lorren Gonzales

Good morning

Good morning pastor and everyone😇

I've done that, I felt I needed to speak up for a woman who needed someone to stick up for her.


Good morning all!

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